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Palas Campus is the largest office building in Romania, developed in less than 3 years (2020 – 2023). It is an extension of the Palas urban ensemble, the first mixed-use project in Romania (2012) located in the vicinity, in the center of Iaşi.


Palas Campus was built in line with the highest sustainability standard principles applicable to green buildings. It obtained the first green loan granted to a Romanian company by the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group.

Palas Campus 02.jpg
Tomana 2023_Palas Campus 01.jpg


  • More than 200 trees planted and 7,000 shrubs

  • Green terraces fitted atop the fourth floor

  • More than 1,200 photovoltaic panels installed on the roof


  • Bike lanes – approximately 650 meters

  • 6 changing rooms fitted with showers

  • 16 charging stations for electric vehicles

  • Pedestrian connections

  • 500 bike parking spaces

  • 625 underground parking spaces – two levels

  • Underground parking lot investment – 33 million Euro

PALAS CAMPUS_21 aprilie 2023_Pro Image 242.jpg


  • Infrastructure investment – 4.5 million Euro

  • Five adjacent streets widened and upgraded

  • New arterial road connecting two major boulevards in the city center – 1.65 million Euro


Green certification

Palas Campus

  • EDGE – International Finance Corporation (achieved)

  • LEED – US Green Building Council (pending)

August 2023_Up_PALAS CAMPUS 12.jpg


You can find everything you need for your business, all in the same place.

The ultra-central location, easy access, underground parking lot and the flexible and modern fit-outs make Palas Campus the ideal location for your business plans to succeed.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Energy saving systems

Access for means of transportation

Flexible and modern fit-outs

Part of the Palas complex

Underground parking lot

CCTV and access control system

Restaurants & coffee shops

seara palas iasi.jpg


  • Urban regeneration – Investments by IULIUS are designed and built to redefine and revitalize urban areas and to galvanize communities.

  • Cities of tomorrow – Palas Campus is the brand promise of IULIUS, i.e. to build the cities of the future, using innovative concepts and landmark projects for the next generations.

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