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Discover more than just an office space! Discover a new concept, a place where your team can achieve its potential! A modern location combining class A office buildings and green spaces for relaxation.


Six office building blocks measuring up to the highest of quality and efficiency standards, laid out so as to create a relaxing inner court, with green spaces and promenade areas. As a premiere for the north-east region of Romania, Palas Campus will integrate an outdoor coworking space.

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  • 4,500 sqm of green spaces

  • Green areas and spaces for relaxation


  • Bike lanes – approximately 650 meters

  • Fitting-out a public transit station

  • Pedestrian connections

  • 500 bike parking spaces

  • 625 underground parking spaces – two levels

  • Underground parking lot investment – 33.3 million Euro

PALAS CAMPUS_21 aprilie 2023_Pro Image 242.jpg


  • Infrastructure investment – 1.62 million Euro

  • Five adjacent streets widened and upgraded

  • New arterial road connecting two major boulevards in Iași


Green certification

  • Palas Campus is the only project in Romania to undergo a dual green certification process:

    • EDGE – International Finance Corporation

    • LEED – US Green Building Council

  • 6 changing rooms fitted with showers

  • 16 electric vehicle charging stations



You can find everything you need for your business, all in the same place.

The ultra-central location, easy access, underground parking lot and the flexible and modern fit-outs make Palas Campus the ideal location for your business plans to succeed.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Energy saving systems

Access for means of transportation

Flexible and modern fit-outs

Part of the Palas complex

Underground parking lot

CCTV and access control system

Restaurants & coffee shops

seara palas iasi.jpg


  • Urban regeneration – Investments by IULIUS are designed and built to redefine and revitalize urban areas and to galvanize communities.

  • Cities of tomorrow – Palas Campus is the brand promise of IULIUS, i.e. to build the cities of the future, using innovative concepts and landmark projects for the next generations.

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