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Palas Campus is more than just a workspace, it’s a creative community. This is the largest office building in Romania, combining the premium amenities specific of class A office spaces with generous green areas and relaxation facilities. The goal is to offer a perfect work-life balance and to support creativity.


Premiering concept

Six office building blocks measuring up to the highest of quality and efficiency standards, laid out so as to create a relaxing inner court, with green spaces and promenade areas. As a premiere for the north-east region of Romania, Palas Campus will integrate an outdoor coworking space.


Class A offices

Ultramodern amenities and technologies, premium facilities, ample spaces with abundant natural lighting, and easy access to numerous services provide the ideal location for a successful business.

Ultra-central location

Palas Campus revitalizes a downtown area of Iași, infusing it with the dynamism and energy of a genuine business district.



Premium office spaces that level up businesses to Western standards in terms of performance and efficiency.


Building characteristics

  • Six building blocks, connected both at the ground floor and the first three levels;

  • Different heights up to maximum six floors;

  • Two levels of underground parking;

  • Reinforced concrete columns, beams and slabs;

  • 22 elevators and pedestrian connection nodes;

  • Special glass façades to ensure thermal comfort;

  • Optimal levels of natural lighting.


Efficiency and flexibility of the premises

  • Up to 10,000 sqm per one floor;

  • Net floor height – approximately 3.10 m;

  • Possibility to install floor systems raised up to 15 cm;

  • Office area (including meeting rooms / kitchen) – 250 kg/sqm;

  • Server room / IT room (per each floor) – 1,000 kg/sqm.

Parking lot

  • Dedicated underground parking lot with 625 spaces;

  • 16 electric vehicle charging station;

  • Bike parking with 500 (secure) parking spaces;

  • Changing rooms and showers.


Technical services

  • Communications (fiber optic connection in the building, minimum 7 telecom and internet service providers);

  • Power supply safety;

  • Consumption efficiency (4-pipe climate control systems per European standards).



  • Complete CCTV system with 24/7 coverage;

  • Security and intervention team working 24/7;

  • Building management systems (BMS);

  • Safety supplies – according to the fire safety regulations.

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