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The work standards at IULIUS are of highest caliber, yet, we aim to continuously improve our internal processes. Thus, we have created the Whistleblower tool for the purpose of providing our employees and partners with the possibility to contribute to the improvement of the activities in the company, by identifying and communicating in an anonymous manner certain irregularities found at the work place, the breach of the Internal Rules and/or the Code of Ethical Conduct.


Thus, we are kindly informing you that you can send notifications regarding the integrity issues at the work place, to the company management.

The messages are confidential and may be sent to the email address:, which is operated by an external entity, that removes the identification details before reaching the Integrity Committee (group). Under these circumstances, the sender of the email will not receive any reply, but the notified situation will be reviewed by the Integrity Committee (group) and settled as soon as possible.


IULIUS guarantees the anonymity of these notifications!

Occupational health

IULIUS is concerned to provide safe jobs for its employees and collaborators, pursuing to prevent occupational diseases and work accidents, taking all reasonable precautions in this respect. Therefore, in the case where you are facing hazardous conditions, harm, accidents or diseases at the work place, you can report such situations to the supervisor, manager, or anonymously at

Providing a safe work environment is our daily concern, both for our employees, as well as for our contractors, shareholders or suppliers.

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