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New retail area in Palas Campus: coffee shops, medical services, gym and, coming soon, a supermarke

With the opening of Palas Campus in the Sf. Andrei area, Iași residents have access to a new leisure area, where they will find coffee shops, restaurants, medical services, a gym and also, coming soon, a supermarket. International coffee shop chain Tucano proposes a venue with a brand-new design for its entire coffee shop network; Teo's Cafe now has its largest coffee shop under the brand’s latest concept; Praxis offers locals a medical analysis laboratory that also includes a biomedical sample collection room for children; Stay Fit Gym, one of the largest fitness & aerobics chain in Romania, will open its first location in Iași on the 15th of June.

The creativity and business hub in Palas Campus, the largest office building in Romania, opened in the Sf. Andrei area, is also a relaxing destination for employees and more, owing to the 6,000 sqm dedicated to the retail segment. Designed as an integrated mixed-use project, the ground floor in Palas Campus brings together restaurants, coffee shops, medical centers, a gym, a supermarket, and other services and facilities of everyday use.

Premiering concepts – Tucano and Teo's, coffee shops offering new experiences

Tucano, the international coffee shop chain promoting its Love.Peace.Coffee philosophy all over the world, opened a unique coffee shop in terms of its design that is customized to the business hub. “We chose to create as many workspaces as possible for those working in Palas Campus and not only. Every table is fitted with a power outlet, free internet connection, and we opted for taller tables, precisely to enable working on laptops. The coffee shop in Palas Campus is more spacious, decorated with lots of plants, warm colors and a lot of wood was used to create a cozy ambiance,” said Cătălina Ungurianu, Tucano Coffee representative. In addition to specialty coffee beverages, in the new Tucano location in Palas Campus you can also enjoy breakfast menus, cream soups, salads, sandwiches, sweet tarts, and a variety of refreshments.

The first Teo's Café lounge opened in Palas Campus, and the fans of the 100% Iași brand can now enjoy an entire experience by Teo's. In the new location, which is a premiere for the brand and their largest coffee shop, Iași locals are welcome to discover the new concept: “Coffee by day and drinks by night”. The interior design and that of the vast terrace has industrial influences, part of Teo`s hallmark, and is the ideal setting for meeting friends for coffee, for corporate meetings or informal team meetings. “Coffee is our forte and the nucleus of Teo's, and in our Palas Campus location we included beverages that clients can enjoy throughout the day. We have experienced bartenders mixing everything from classic Gin and Tonic, Cuba Libre, and Aperol Spritz, to custom cocktails using their own recipes and tailored to our customers’ preferences. We love to play around with ingredients in the bar, which is how the fruity Frozen recipes came about. One of our favorite drinks is Sangria,” explains Teofil Bozbiciu, General Manager la Teo's. The new Teo's location also brings other novelties, and it will soon be the scene for themed evenings with live music, cocktails, micro-concerts and many other themed experiences.

Medical services – Praxis medical laboratory and EMERALD imaging clinic

Praxis, a medical analysis sample collection center, was also opened on the ground floor of Palas Campus. The center is fitted with an area adapted for the comfort of children. “We provide patients with a colorful and cheerful room specially designed for children, so that both children and parents can get tested with less fear and more hope. Our medical staff specialize in collecting medical samples from babies, so the whole medical procedure is not an extra stress factor for any of our patients,” explains Cristian Hristodorescu, Praxis Manager. Furthermore, patients can choose from several sets of tests, designed to be easier to understand and correlate: “I am a healthy woman”, “I am a healthy man”, “My thyroid”, “I caught a cold”, “My heart health”, “My hormonal balance”, “Do I have enough vitamins and minerals?”, “Athlete’s health”, “Mother’s health” and many others.

Palas Campus also includes the EMERALD Medical Center, part of SOFMEDICA Group, where patients have access to high-performance, state-of-the-art imaging equipment for both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT). The focus is on the complete diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, as EMERALD Medical Center offers comprehensive diagnostic imaging services – from advanced echocardiography to coronary angio-CT, heart MRI and stress heart MRI. EMERALD Medical Center is the only imaging laboratory in South-East Europe that is accredited by the European Society of Cardiology through the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging.

Stay Fit Gym, opening on the 15th of June

Thursday, the 15th of June 2023, Stay Fit Gym, one of the largest fitness & aerobics chains in Romania, will open its first location in the region in Palas Campus. The new center will have an area of 1,000 sqm and will offer fitness services such as strength, cardio, functional training, as well as cycling and group classes such as Zumba, circuit, pump, step & tone, abs & butt, Pilates and yoga.

The ground floor of Palas Campus also accommodates an Xpress center, where clients can buy books, newspapers, refreshing beverages, as well as toys, freshly ground coffee to go, sweets, accessories, batteries and more. In the upcoming period, the retail mix in Palas Campus will be complete with new food & beverage locations, a supermarket, a beauty clinic and other varied services.

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